Little Brother

by North American

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Blending Ambient, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Psycadelic into a vitamixer to get your vital nutrition of sound.


released February 7, 2012

Third World



all rights reserved


North American Chicago, Illinois

Voicemaker: Dane
Beatmaker: Sean

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Track Name: Phantasmagoria
Track Name: Roaring Twenties ft. Hueart
let me introduce you to the types of things that come off my dome
rolling 1,2,3 like sprinklers on a lawn, where i be going
sometimes i do not know, like a cab driver
who happens to be
legally blind, legally impaired
i'm mentally aware
spiritually im trying to be there
but i aint been to church in awhile
but i aint gonna lie to ya'll it's been almost 2 decades
up in this thang, an mc, since i was born on my birthday
back in 1980, just missed the '70s,
but got a soul, like it belongs back in the 40's
this, is, roaring 20's
whether that be dollar bills
or 20 boxes full of good-and-plenty's
it's just how we do
whether we in minnesota, or down here in chicago
just feel the keys
like the cold air, lakeshore breeze
back into it, we moove, so smooth, we groove...

it's ok to pause, take a minute,
start fresh, like an intro clause
you know, i gotta drop my grammar references,
every once and awhile i feel like life is no much more than
a small set of open and close parenthesis
and what happens in the middle
it's not that simple, it's a sentence
sometimes it's indented, sometimes i trip up
like my budget, overspent it,
yet again, we switch up the tempo
me and my musical kin, my musical friend
we go up up up and over the rainbow like...
north american grew the beat
h.u.e the heirloom mc
cuz, i take my time to bloom
and my rhyme is different than you
staccato tempos i love
drums in the pocket
keys in the glove
from the apartment to the concert
every party, 8 bit atari

the simpelest truths i know
water flowers then they grow
play with children give them hope
take away sunshine and they won't

you see the power of words
i hustle adjectives to get my verbs
until my pockets fat with nouns
move metaphors for kilometers
prepositions up in the clouds
can come consistent with consonants,
and rip the longest vowels
explicit shhhtt?! just bowels

so my kids can digest these lines
no white powder, magic vines
climb up touch a dream
rolling magic up in my sleeves
pull a black rabbit out a white hat
switch a bright light switch and place it back
tried to unwrite my wrongs
too many erasers too many songs

so i'm learnin to live, with all my gifts
tons of socks, most don't fit
toes peek through at times
don cornelius left, and dilla died
soul in mo'towns is hard to find
the country's cracked, up as it seems
there's-a-cure, for humpty-dumpty disease
all of the women and all of the men
have to put the peace signs together again